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Paper cutouts of classic British Sports cars

I was kind of sad they didn’t have an MGA, but I know I’ll be doing a few of these with my nieces and nephews over the holidays. they have 6 cars you can do. http://www.mossmotoring.com/paper-car-cut-outs/ read more

Photos of my 1971 BMW 2002 tii

read more

Rodeo Drive Concours D’Elegance

Kim and Hazel took me to the Rodeo Drive Concours sunday, for father’s day. Some very cool cars there, including an MGA very much like mine, though nicely restored. [nggallery id=12] read more

Memorial Day 2012

Another great drive with the Vintagemotoring.net group.  Gorgeous cars, nice folks, and fun roads.   I  had a great time.  Unfortunately, my car suffered twice from what I think was heat related vapor lock.  Unfortunately, after I got it going the second time, my tranmission/clutch was toast.  Not sure what it is yet, hopefully it won’t be terribly hard/expensive to fix.   Good times... read more

My new Velocette

I was born in England, to british parents, but grew up in the states. Growing up, we’d go back to england to visit grandparents and relatives every few years, and my great-Uncle Norman would show up on Velocette LE. He purchased it new in 1954 (as I understand it) and it’s a Mark II. It was the only motor he ever owned. He never drove a car, nor even owned a powered lawn mower. My... read more

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